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Globalisation, technological innovation and steadily increasing life expectancy are changing the way we live. Understanding the individual and social implications of these fast moving challenges requires in-depth knowledge of the social sciences as well as innovative interdisciplinary research. This is the vocation of the Integrative Research Unit on Social and Individual Development (INSIDE).

INSIDE research is thus oriented to real-life problems using a cross-disciplinary approach. Major research topics comprise health, family and generations, social work, and social inequality. Currently, the unit hosts over 100 researchers from psychology, sociology, economics, educational sciences and social work. .

INSIDE – A leading European Institute within the fields of Social and Behavioural Science

Within the context of the evaluation of research units within the University of Luxembourg. INSIDE achieved very good to excellent results and is ranked between the five best research units

From the report dt 17-Febr-2017:

“INSIDE demonstrates striking growth in research, publications, and funding in the evaluation period. The research unit has an excellent publication record in leading international journals as well as in journals with policy impact. It has had impressive success in obtaining external funding within very competitive channels at the national and European level. In the experts’ opinion, the research unit has important impact on the society of Luxembourg, for one, through its support of governmental bodies and, for another, through its contribution to social work. Potential for further development lies in increasing contact and cooperation both within the unit and with national research bodies and in securing new expertise in future recruitment processes.”

“In the experts’ opinion, the INSIDE has a clear potential to become a leading European institute within the field of European social and behavioural science research.”

Download the evaluation report here.