Emotional, Restrained and Bulimic Eating in Lab and Daily Life (EMO-EAT)

ERP-15-031, date of acceptance 28. January 2016
funded by FNR

What’s it about?

Many people experience a desire to eat tasty foods, such as chocolate, when they are in a negative mood. In eating disorders negative mood can trigger binge eating and thereby contribute to the maintenance of the disorder. Therefore, the EMO-EAT project aims to investigate the mechanisms underlying the effects of negative mood on eating behaviour. The study combines measures of eating habits in daily life with a laboratory assessment of brainwaves. To learn more about eating disorders, a major aim of the study is to compare women with bulimia nervosa and women with no eating-related issues.

What’s happening?

Participation in the study consists of two sessions at the ClipsLab in Belval. In the first session we will conduct interviews on eating habits and mental health. During the second session, brainwaves will be recorded while looking at images of food. Both sessions last approx. 4 hours. Between the sessions, participants will be asked to record mood and eating behaviour in daily life with the help of a Smartphone App (9 days).

Eligibility criteria

We are looking for female participants who are at least 18 years old and speak German or French or English.


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